Historic AMA Club #217

Model Aircraft Flying Club

Be a Part of History

The RC Flyers were chartered in 1973 by the Academy of Model Aeronautics as AMA club #217, and is now one of the oldest clubs still in existence. The RC Flyers brings together modelers of all ages to enjoy and promote safe Radio Control flying. The club meets once each month during the year for club business and fellowship. A local flying site is maintained by the club and is open to all members throughout the year.

Guests Welcome

The RC Flyers welcomes anyone interested in radio control flying to join the club and participate in the fellowship and fun of this sport. The RC Flyers have a gold mine of experience and knowledge in radio control flying which all members are willing to share with any new flyer.

Safety First

The RC Flyers select “Introductory Pilots” each year who are available to teach a new member how to fly. They also “solo” all new members so the club is certain that all new members are aware of and abide by the AMA safety regulations. The Introductory Pilots may also assist non-members for three sessions so a prospective member can determine if he/she wants to learn this sport and become a member. After the three sessions the non-member must join the AMA and the club to continue receiving assistance and flying at the club field.


The club sponsors “open flying and swap events” each year at the club field which brings in AMA modelers, pilots and spectators from all over the area. These events are free to the public and all types of helicopters and planes can be seen. The RC Flyers participates in a number of local public events during the year.

Become a Member

All club members must be a member of the AMA thereby assuring that all members are covered with insurance while flying at the club’s field or any club event.